"Discovering Abilities through Disabilities "

West 18th Group Home

Our Mission

Serenity Residential Services is committed to achieve the following goals:

  • Provide a positive nourishing and secure environment
  • Provide incomparable individualized high-quality care
  • Support independent living skills through daily trainings, routines and practices
  • Promote physical health through proper nutrition, safety, exercise, and regular medical and dental appointments 
  • Promote mental health through access to psychological treatment and other community professionals
  • Promote social health through group activities, encouragement, and therapy
  • Create an impartial familial atmosphere while promoting independence

Our Goals

Our mission is to generate and maintain a nurturing and reliable organization, which provides individualized high-quality care that meets the personal strength and needs of the individuals we serve.


About Us

Serenity Residential Services manages welcoming homes, furnished and decorated to complete a homely establishment. We provide 24-hour awake supervision and care to persons with developmental disabilities. Individuals served will have the opportunity to perform essential daily living skills through continuous training, supervision and support by direct care staff.

We believe in offering residents opportunities to discover positive methods of vitality while targeting interests, social skills and communications, and relationships. Our services are based on the identified needs and desires of those served and their families.

​To schedule an tour, please call: 904-379-8914. 


Call Us:  904-379-8914

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